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Petition to all Manitoulin Councils

Whereas We the undersigned have concern for Manitoulin Island
And Whereas the health and the well being of all the citizens of Canada is in the public interest as a necessary good
And whereas multiple windfarm sites are being considered by independent developers across Manitoulin,
Therefore we the undersigned call upon all governing councils of Manitoulin to reject any proposals for the erection of wind turbines on Manitoulin until such time as it can be demonstrated that all reasonable concerns regarding the health, safety, planning, setback requirements, taxes, royalties, assessments, legal rights, liability, electrical infrastructure, decommissioning, aesthetics, lifestyle and environmental impact from the construction of wind towers on Manitoulin have been addressed.

Timothy Bingaman,

Herne Steelegrave,
For a few greedy people, that is all who shall benefit from this. We don’t get the power, they tear up the landscape for a few greedy people playing the race card when you tell them we don’t want it here. I didn’t move here for any kind of industry, and Manitoulin is suppose to be preserved, not decimated by a few greedy people.

Willow Steelegrave,
I have no doubt the government of ontario can erect many turbines on all senators’ land, including the cabinet officers, and the prime minister himself! This way they can show us by example how safe and beautiful they are!


Setbacks and decomissioning are the important issues

Paul Best,
wind farm must be delayed pending finding of federal gvt study re health effects; 1.5 km setback should be minimum I believe

W. Wilson,
How and when did we get hood-winked by this government? Wind turbines are not an efficient source of power – as has been said before on this page, they do not work. I just cannot comprehend how building an industrial wind turbine complex on an Island that is trying to develop its tourism industry into something more than it already is, makes sense. For what? For power that is not even needed, to be transmitted over lines that have yet to be built.

The day the trees start coming down to build McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm will be a very sad day for the Manitoulin.


Shirley Teasdale,
Somehow…those people who want industrial wind turbines seem to think it is OK to pollute the environment with these things because it is for the greater good. That’s what they say. Those of us who have educated ourselves know that wind turbines do not stop C02 emissions; they are inefficient, can cause health problems and are a blight on the landscape. Government wants to call us NIMBYs. The proper term should be NIABYs — Not in Anybody’s BackYard! Because they don’t work! If they are built on Manitoulin Island they will mar its beauty forever.

Linda Weatherhead,
I do not believe the big green lie. This scam is ruining so many lives, splitting communities apart, and costing us our children’s future. It is sad that money hungry landowners have no respect for their

fellow man or for mother earth.




Tye Lariviere,
The impact on the local eco system is far greater than the benefit generated from these wind turbines..unless of course, your primary benefit is making money!

Stop the wind farm!

Lesleanne Vincent,

Christine Henderson,

Janet Huckins,


J. S.,
I hold Manitoulin dear to my heart! As do many from near and far!…I will NOT stand and let this happen, I will not sit and watch the RAPE of our beautiful Island, NORTHLAND POWER-rapist of land-KNOW THAT THE ENERGIES ARE WORKING STRONGLY AGAINST YOU! and these monster will never be seen or heard locally..

Rosemary Wakegijig,

Wind turbines are a danger to our health, as well as a disturbance to birds, bats and wildlife. I see it as a govt tax grab that we will be saddled with

Normande and David Brown,
We have to protect the ecosystem of Manitoulin Island it is a jewel that should not be tampered with.

This will distroy Manitoulin as we know it . It will set neighbors against neighbors that have been friends for generations. When people start getting sick it will be too late

Stephen Greszczyszyn,
Growing up, I spent every summer on Manitoulin Island in a small log cabin on Lake Manitou. I am now pushing 40 and have lived for 12 years outside of Canada, but each year I visit the Island to disconnect from technology, recharge my batteries, soothe my spirit and enjoy nature and the simpler things in life. I have seen many places around the world but nothing compares in my eyes to the natural beauty of Manitoulin.

I am horrified to see the size of wind turbine industrialization proposed for Manitoulin. I do what I can to reduce my environmentally damaging footprint on the Earth (no car, reuse, recycle, compost, etc), and I understand the need for renewable, clean energy, but the scope of this project is way out of bounds for what it offers the island.

This summer I will start bringing my one-year old boy to Manitoulin to enjoy the same things as I did growing up. Hopefully the windfarm development can stop before the only way to enjoy the natural beauty if the island is through old pictures and stories.

I thought that people in other countries were ignorant in they way they treat their natural environment but after seeing what Canadians can do with project such as the Oil Sands and large Windfarm development, I am equally embarrassed of my own country.

Penny Lyttle,
There is far too much alarming information for us to just say “ok, go ahead”. New forms of generating power are undoubtedly needed but can we not learn some of the lessons about the impact of drastically altering our environment! Are wind turbines really the only option for this beautiful and peaceful (at the moment) island??? We will be able to hear and feel these things all over the island and it will drastically affect the movement of natural energy that so many of us are aware of and enjoy, and even those who aren’t aware of it are benefitting from that and will really notice the difference! The only people it will be good for is the pharmaceutical companies as we will all be needing headache and nausea medication – and that will be at the mild end of the health spectrum, for humans, animals, plants, trees and even the water. I know we can find better alternatives!

doug jones,
the north channel is recognized as one of the most pristine cruising grounds in the world. To have the north shore of manitoulin framed with these towers would have a huge negative impact on it and the tourism dollars it generates

Helen Kozoriz,

Cynthia Osawamick,

Lorena Wabanosse,

C Bayne,
The studies have been done; greed energy is a job killer, community destroyer, power swindle, and industrialization of ecosystems so that they suffer the same effects predicted for Climate Change.

Sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We must continue to protect our cherished places and our connection to the land.

We are water we will be earth.

George Browne,
End Green Greed, stop the destruction of natural & cultural heritage by and for the profit of the privileged few.

I ask the Great Spirit to protect her Her Island and the people who enjoy Her Magic.

Mary and Patrick LaFontaine,

Jessee Sly,

Marly Rushton,
keep pushing!

charlie sylvestre,

Jason Forrest,
Please leave Maclean’s Mountain untouched for every generation to enjoy!

We Island dwellers,adventurers and travellers need to EDUCATE INFORM and IDENTIFY the real truth behind the Manitoulin Island McLean’s Mountain Wind Power Project. We as a people must stand together to defend our incredible rock and make our opinions heard, before more of our beautiful Island is destroyed. We hear all of the things these towers are to produce: green energy-jobs-tourism etc.(unlikely, and proven so, by other ‘developments’.) What about the adverse effects it has on local communities, agriculture, wildlife and most of all the potential health hazards and the wellbeing of residents who live at the foot of these proposed wind farms?. Can someone tell me where this power is being utilized?

We as a people do not have a big budget for for weekly advertising, billboards and such. We can clearly see how these windfarms have destroyed close neighboring communities, just ask someone who lives near these “whisper quiet” mechanical monsters, they will tell you they get no rest no peace and quiet because of the constant swooshing (low frequency noise pollution). How their sleep is disturbed, how dizzy they feel, how illness and certain conditions began shortly after the erection of these towers. We are being mislead by Northland Power, for a very large percentage of Islanders are opposed to this project, our opinions are not being heard, for goodness sake they wont even return a simple phone call, yet they insist they are communicating with the public. Lets make some noise here and and maybe the force of the people standing together DEMANDING ANSWERS and EVIDENCE will shake up this sleepy Island.

What I am asking is for your ideas and help on this matter, should we join hands and have a rally, sign petitions, let the government know THE PEOPLE OF MANITOULIN ISLAND will not allow our sanctuary to become a ‘PROJECT’ of Northland power,…

My husband’s parents have been enjoying the tranquility of Manitoulin since they purchased their cottage in Rockville in the late 1960’s and now my husband and familes are enjoying this as well. In a time were peace, solitude and a sense of calm can’t seem to be found in our busy generation, being on the Manitoulin Island is such a peaceful respite for the soul. Please don’t allow them to ruin the island with their wind turbines. We truly believe in alternative energy resouces, but not at the cost of ruining the beauty of creation that is on the Manitoulin Island. Thank you for you assistance in letting our voices be heard. Grant and Frances Nier


Dave and Elma Stewart,
The thoughts of spoiling one of Ontario’s greatest ‘treasures’ is unthinkable! This is just wrong on so many fronts. Please don’t let this happen on Manitoulin. We cherish spending our summers there and in our hearts we are on Manitoulin year round… We cottagers truly care what happens.

Jim Rouse,

Gord Benner,
Manitoulin Island is one of the few tourist areas left in Ontario unspoiled by incompatable industrial and commercial operations. Why would you want to loose that unique quality because of greed and unreliable, unsafe and unsightly Industrial Wind Turbines?.

David Libby,
To All of the Good People on Manitoulin Island,

For many summers myself and my small group have come to Manitoulin for 2 – 3

weeks vacation. We can vacation anywhere in North America. We choose

Manitoulin because it is one of the most beautiful areas of the world. That

is why we vacation there. Our homes in southern Ontario have been spoiled

with a recent wind farm development. In the future when we go on vacation we

will want to get away from wind farms. Please realize that your most

valuable asset can be easily damaged in ways you may not realize until

it is too late. A short trip over to the town of Spanish should provide you

with all information you require. The people of Spanish were fortunate

enough to learn about wind power on a small scale. There is no difference

between what they have now and what you will have in 10 years. Is this what

you want for the future of Manitoulin?

I hope to be able to visit your Island for many years to come.

David Libby

Ridgetown, ON

Kristine Kiviaho,

Please read my story “Turbines make lousy neighbours” by Andy Coomber we also own property on the island and urge everyone to say NO to the planned turbines for Manitoulin Island.

we are south of you city of kawartha lakes what are they doing up in manitoulin???? we are well populated Bethany cavan millbrook and pontypool we are smack in the middle of two companies. and close to a school.

Great Spirit does not want turbines.


ivona vujica,

Gary Foreman,
Windmill permits should not be granted unless all ajacent land owners have been consulted and given their approval !

Doug and Louise Musselwhite,
The negative environmental and human impact of this windfarm proposal is potentially staggering. Everything possible must be done to stop this before it’s too late. This proposed windfarm is not so much about green power as it is about greed and personal gain.

dave and theresa mcdowell,
wind farms are another political scam ,the government throws a “green” bone at the voting masses at the little peoples expense,wind farms are absolutely impossibly “green”

Nicolas Harfield,

2011 is coming , vote for the party that will repeal the green act, and return democracy back to the people.

I believe that Manitoulin should produce only that amount of windpower required by its residents (No megaprojects!!),that we should study what other countries with windpower experience have done, especially with respect to health concerns, size of generators and setbacks. We should also remember the 4 r’s. Some of us Recycle and Reuse. But let’s not forget Reduce (our demand for energy) and Refuse.


robert denniston,

Ross Downham,
More study is required. The liberal push to overlook areas of concern will be remembered in the next provincial election. Lets deal with the current concerns before we rush headlong into a wall. We are not test animals. Lets hear more from citizens that have been affected. They will provide 1st hand knowlede of the situation.

Studies should also be done on the effects on wildlife such as dear and waterfowl.


Geoff Jeffery,


Raymond Beaudry,
information creates informed decisions

Anne Casson,