Hunt Camp


Will I be able to build a hunt camp on my property?
The setback established by the GEA is 550 meters.The GEA calls for larger setbacks for groups of turbines but then negates the increase in setback if the company produces a sound study showing that the noise levels at the receptor are not predicted to exceed 40 dBA when the wind is at 6mps (approx 20km/hr). This means that the company must not build a turbine within 550M of any existing dwelling or, in the case of lots currently without dwellings (or active building permits for a dwelling), the center of the lot. It is important for landowners to realize that once the turbine building permit is acquired it will no longer be possible to acquire a building permit for a dwelling on the portion of the lot within the 550 M radius from the turbine. (The town could not give out a permit for construction of a dwelling in an unsafe area) Landowners should be aware that, even in the case of a 400M X 1000M (100 acre) lot, a turbine built within a few meters of the edge of their property would negate the possibility of siting a building on a substantial portion of their property in the future. Landowners with further questions about this important issue should contact the building inspector or McSEA.