About Us


Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives(McSEA) was formed in June of 2009 in response to local resident concerns relating to the proposal by Northland Power Inc to build a 60 MW wind power generation facility on top McLean’s Mountain in the township of Northeastern Manitoulin and Islands on Manitoulin Island.

Our concerns relate to

  • Human health concerns from inadequate setbacks
  • Property use restrictions from presence of turbines adjacent to private hunting lands
  • Property devaluations
  • Harmful effects on animal, bird, and plant life
  • Inadequate consultation with First Nations regarding their interests and rights
  • Aesthetic concerns regarding degrading Manitoulin’s pristine scenery

We are committed to the principle that any decisions regarding wind power development in our community should only be made after a responsible and informed analysis of the relevant planning and development issues and the impacts on our local community. While we are supportive of the concept of wind-generated electricity, and while we believe that some degree of wind power development is appropriate within our community, we believe that a cautious approach is required, particularly at this time of significant change and evolution in the Ontario electricity industry.

In our pursuit of these basic principles, we have engaged in the following activities:

  • Several presentations to council including a petition with over 1100 names
  • Public information meeting attended by 200 people with presentations on all the issues Aug 09
  • Several hundred individual submissions to the Ministry of the Environment re: the Environmental Screening process requesting a bump-up to full Environmental Assessment ( July/Aug 09 ) (most ever received until that time)
  • Public information meeting to discuss health issues with Carmen Krogh and Lorrie McGillis
  • Several submissions to the ombudsman re flawed processes
  • Meeting with Carol Hughes M.P. July/09
  • Meeting with UCCM and local First Nation reps to discuss areas of common concern
  • Support of legal challenge of the GEA by Lawyer Eric Gillespie
  • Launch of this Website (October 30, 2009) (Thanks to Webmaster at BHCC for permission to use some of their stuff and to Justin Tilson for his coaching and hosting!)
  • Joined Wind Concerns Ontario – WCO is an advocacy group which speaks out on behalf of the rural people of Ontario. It aims to protect their health and safety and the rural economy from the effects of poorly planned industrial wind development
  • Appeal of the project – recently withdrawn (12/12) for the reasons listed elsewhere on this site

We are firmly committed to the pursuit of our mission through responsible action and reliance on credible research activities.

Our strongest commitment is to the protection of the best interests of our community and its residents in the context of wind power development decisions within our community. We encourage input from all of our fellow residents; your questions and comments can be directed to us through our Contact Us page on this website.