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“Crown jewel of the Great Lakes… It is called Manitoulin, home of the Great Spirit.”

The community of Northeastern Manitoulin and Islands occupies the north east end of beautiful Manitoulin Island. It is bordered by the famous North Channel sailing area and the scenic East Channel to Killarney and Wikwemikong. We’re blessed with some beautiful scenery, extensive maple and cedar forests and the scenic McLeans Mountain to Cup and Saucer Bluffs portion of the Niagara Escarpment. It borders on the territories of two First Nations. The area is home to vast numbers of birds and animals and to about 3500 people.

We believe

that it is the people of our community who should decide on the right scale and scope of green energy development within our community. Many of us believe that our community must do our share to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels by conservation programs and safe green energy alternatives. However we also want to ensure that we don’t end up with a scale and scope of power development which is inconsistent with the values of our residents, the character of our community, the sensitive Niagara Escarpment environment with which we interact and the features of our community which make it such a desirable place to live, work and play.

Our Community

windgermanyThe issue of what scale and scope of green energy development is best for our community raises many complex questions. We want to act responsibly in ensuring that the relevant issues are raised and resolved in a fashion which will assist with responsible power development while also ensuring that the best interests of our community and its residents – as well as our sensitive local environment – are respected.

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